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Monday, August 18, 2014

Mixed Media Mayhem - Pain Management

While staying with my daughter this summer, I did not have my vast stash available.  Although there was a Michael's a mile away, I tried not to buy new materials unless it was really vital. Thus constrained, I used a lot of materials found around the house including magazine clippings and old
scrapbook paper.  One morning, members of a church rang the doorbell and left me some material.  I was struck by the notion of pain people feel and how they deal with it so this journal spread developed.  I loved the bold black and white of the scrapbook paper, but after I glued it down I had to make it recede.  I saw a sombre face emerge on the right side and I used words from the church pamphlet and a Philosophy skin care ad (a serendipitous pairing) to provide meaning.  Ideally the words would be on the right side so she would gaze at them, but since my journaling is unplanned...oh well. The close-up is to show the layers.This journal entry is supposed to show how one can emerge with mindfulness.