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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Mixed Media Mayhem - Because I Want To...

The joy of art journaling is in the freedom from pre-conceived results...from even having a result...sometimes I just want to gesso over everything and close the page.  This journal page began as a love affair with gelatoes and modeling paste.  Once I had a highly textured surface of green and purple paisley shapes, I just didn't want to cover it up.  Weeks later an dried hibiscus flower fell out of a book where I had stashed it to dry.  The tissue thin, translucent petals needed a permanent home encased in gel medium...so I impulsively glued them to my pages.  The color of the bloom faded so I amped it up with a sheen of Lumiere halo pink paint and added the contrast of the dried painted fern... so by now I was down the rabbit hole, adding shading with pencil and light with gilding paste. Enough.  The perfect text for this overly embellished journal entry sprung to mind so I found some Gelli printed deli paper and wrote the quotation with gold pen.  Thus the gold is gilded and the lily (hibiscus) is painted.