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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Mixed Media Mayhem - Gift of Language

I was inspired to make this journal page by the #WOIW, "Gift", Word of Inspiration Wednesday forum hosted by Heather Kraafter.  As usual when I work from a concept I easily go off the rails.  I began this page with pasted strips of paper and gesso.

Blah...so I used a credit card to spread on some blues and orange/pink paints.  Still blah.  I added some punch outs of alphabet letters that I got in a scrapbook packet on sale at TJ Maxx and recolored them with gelatoes.  It then occurred to me that the gift I wanted to talk about was "language".  I searched through my collage stash of language books, dictionaries, and French and German novels, Chinese newspapers gathered in Xian, and translations of my new Medicare policy.

To illuminate the theme I found quotations on language on the internet reprinted with script fonts. The spread is still blah, but it communicates my message.

Maybe I should add some three dimensional objects.