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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Mixed Media Mayhem - Gift of Language

I was inspired to make this journal page by the #WOIW, "Gift", Word of Inspiration Wednesday forum hosted by Heather Kraafter.  As usual when I work from a concept I easily go off the rails.  I began this page with pasted strips of paper and gesso.

Blah...so I used a credit card to spread on some blues and orange/pink paints.  Still blah.  I added some punch outs of alphabet letters that I got in a scrapbook packet on sale at TJ Maxx and recolored them with gelatoes.  It then occurred to me that the gift I wanted to talk about was "language".  I searched through my collage stash of language books, dictionaries, and French and German novels, Chinese newspapers gathered in Xian, and translations of my new Medicare policy.

To illuminate the theme I found quotations on language on the internet reprinted with script fonts. The spread is still blah, but it communicates my message.

Maybe I should add some three dimensional objects.


  1. Love how you used different languages in your collage and the quotes to put your message through!

  2. Linda, I think it is great, it has a lot of interest, it has a great amount of focus points with all the languages, I wouldn't add more 3D objects. hugs Ruth

  3. I don't find this blah at all. It's subtle. If you add some contrast you might get more of the pop you're looking for.

  4. Great spread Linda! The use of the different language pieces works beautifully ( I found the use of the medicare one very creative!) And I love that you are able to incorporate pieces from your travels-sorta like a traveling journal! I wouldn't change a thing ")