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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Mixed Media Mayhem - Dollar Store Glitter Glam

When I was in the Dollar Store picking up objects my students could use in their work (3d collage inspired by Deborah Butterfield's horse sculptures), I remembered a blog post talking about materials for art journaling.  As I hunted up and down the aisles I found napkins, glitter, eyeshadow, pencils, craft paint inspiring my glitter-glam journal entry.

I used one layer of the napkin for the background giving me the black and white color palette.  I wanted to have a glamour girl and tried to draw a partial face with hair taking up the bulk of the space.  The texture left by the napkin on medium showed up in the face painting. I oriented the tilt of the face to catch the napkin pattern as her iris.

To add more layers I stenciled the paisley pattern in white and with glue to apply black, silver, and white glitter which came in a pack for ....$1.00.

I added detail with Inktense pencils and journaling on tissue paper and sparkle paper.

My personal art challenges included looking for balance and integrating the big white space making up her hair.