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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Mixed Media Mayhem - Forgive #WOIW

Meandering through the process of art journaling, I just enjoy the journey and do not think about the destination.  This process works to a point, then I need direction.  For this journal spread I was guided by the #WOIW, Word of Inspiration Wednesday group's challenge, Forgive.

The finished spread is bright and shiny, but began as a very bland stenciling with Dylusions and a TCW stencil.


Hmmmm.  To elaborate the floral theme I looked through my wallpaper books for some images and used a pattern to make a set of stamps.

A big fan of bling, in art but not in dress, I had to go further, adding gold embossing powder and black highlighter. 

Needing some focal elements I added the bird...remembered I had some black embossing powder so I could make him patent leather shiny and balanced him with some black embossed flowers on the opposing page.  To amp the colors I experimented with drippage (a new French word for letting ink run down the page, pronounced drip - pauge).

Looking through my Google+ posts, I discovered the new #WOIW, Forgive, which I interpreted to be about self-forgiveness and positive outlook.  My little black bird seemed to be looking for a positive message and found several that suited my intended message.

The finished page reminded me to keep in front of me that art journaling is for discovery not for product.  I enjoyed finding all the quotations and then cutting them out word by word to embed them.