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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Mixed Media Mayhem - Time: A Continuum or Cycle

I have had this beautiful cover from Smithsonian Magazine forever thinking some day I could use it. I had a journaling week during which I wanted to use up what I have hanging around...this cover, scrapbook paper with clocks, a Crafters' Workshop stencil, clip art of clocks, magazine cuts.  As I began building the layers the question, time - continuum or cycle?, popped up.  As I searched different dictionaries for text I found different answers to this question, time a circle or a line.  This final journal page presents this question for you to ponder.


  1. Love the layers Linda, and the philosophical question is great, is time a circle or a line, it makes me stop and think, loved it!

  2. Love this Linda! I especially like the little dictionary definition.

  3. Time - a circle or a line...I think you just hit on EVERY SciFi TV show/movie I have ever seen!!! LOL
    I love the piece - goes great with this week's Word Of Inspiration Wednesday too. Perfect "timing" ha ha

    My favorite part - that HUGE clock on the left page. love it!!