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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mixed Media Mayhem - The Beginning is Always Today / The Documented Life - Week 2

I was happy to see that the technique challenge for week 2 in The Documented Life  was "gesso" because I had begun something that I needed to cover up.

After watching several videos featuring Dylusions spray ink I tried them over gesso and over stenciled wax.

Ummmm...so gesso to the rescue covering up and adding texture.

Now I could add more dye spray and watch the images suggest themselves. Like finding faces in the clouds, I thought I saw two faces.  I used a Derwent charcoal pencils to bring them out.

Still struggling I decided to go with my philosophical reaction to the news of the terrorist murders in Paris.  I had just received a travel ad featuring the Eiffel Tower so I worked on the colors to make it blend in with my page.

 For lettering I embossed cut out letters from a pack I bought at TJ Maxx for $2.00. The letters had a nice metallic look but my work space was a mess.

Still not happy with my result, I decided to add back in some white space, painting my circles with gesso. Gesso over Dylusions always gives bleed through so it took several coats to get a surface to write on.

One of my friends on Facebook had posted about being satisfied with "good enough" not "perfect"...but my final result did not give me joy.  What did I learn?  Reserve white space/negative space. Think about the interaction of media.  Find a good journaling pen.  When I wrote the quotation from Mary Shelley that was the prompt for this week, my Pitt pen smeared.


  1. hi linda .. just wanted to stop by...... received your email ie documented life project.. lots of good stuff .. :)

  2. I'm intrigued by your spread and your process and love that you kept at it until you had some results you liked. I, too, am looking for a journaling pen that works over wet media - keep us posted!

  3. Linda, love the way you walk through your process, it is a great spread!

  4. These are fantastic, Linda! Great use of gesso and I like how you discovered those faces in the ink. So cool!

  5. I so enjoyed catching a glimpse into your creative process with this one. I love how you found the figures and worked through what you did and didn't like :) It turned out great!

  6. Wonderful colors and to watch your process, thank you so very much for sharing with us! ")

  7. Even if you aren't happy, the process was good! I learn something every time I pick up my brush. It's great that you documented the entire process... the next time you can try something different and see where that takes you! I have never heard of Dylusions spray ink.... that's something I will have to look up...