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Monday, June 15, 2015

Mixed Media Mayhem - Before the Ink is Dry - Documented Life Project

Documented Life
April Theme - Color Safari
Art Challenge - Inks 
Journal Prompt - Before the Ink is Dry

The challenge of inks immediately provokes the responses of Dylusions and the transfer of printer inks. Because I prepped the page before beginning, the spray of Dylusion inks reveals the texture of the dried gesso.  Yummy but messy.

For my theme I chose of picture of my daughter the night she received her Emmy.  I had manipulated the pic in many ways, finally printing it on a transparency.  I used Purell hand gel to transfer the image to printmaking paper, tore it, and glued the main pieces to my page.

To complete the page I added pieces of photographs, washi tape, and journaling.


  1. A great way to record a proud memory.

    1. Thank you...I'm really proud of her work..she has 3 major writing awards.