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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Mixed Media Mayhem - Fish Out of Water

Mixed Media Mayhem - Fish Out of Water

What's more fun than random Gelli printing?  Using a range of blues and violets, old wall paper scraps for stamps, and circle stencils and sequin waste, I made a a two page spread that, while stimulating the tactile sense (doesn't that Gelli plate feel great when you use your hands as a barren?), left me uninspired.  But this is an art journal.  It doesn't matter. It's just for fun.  Maybe I see bubbles, maybe a reef, so I drew a fish on it.  To give the fish presence, I colored him in with gesso and gave him stripes with yellow gelatos.  Since my drawing skills are minimal, the fish was ill proportioned.  To cover his distortion, I cut shapes from my scrap deli paper where I had cleaned off the Gelli plate to make some kind of reefy things.  I was really proud when my grandson, Brody, popped over my shoulder and recognized it saying, "Oh you drew a clown fish."  See...fourth graders and I have an understanding.


  1. I love your clown fish Linda-truly is fabulous! Your reef colors for the background are so yummy! Well done- ")