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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Mixed Media Mayhem - Ode on a Chinese Napkin

I have a fascination, maybe an obsession, with the Asian aesthetic evidenced by all the treasures gathered on my numerous travels to the region.  So when I attended a cocktail party where the hostess set an Asian motif, I secretly hoarded several of the napkins.  I wanted to preserve the beauty of this little piece of paper in my journal, but I wanted it to be more than a napkin overlay.  To prep the background I used gel medium to adhere several layers of tissue paper.  Separating the napkin pattern from the other layers, I glued it to the surface to set a scene spanning both pages.  To make it my own, I added drawings of the motifs to complete the picture and I stamped and collaged Asian images. I used Faber-Castell Big Brush Markers and Intense pencils to match to colors.  My favorite part is the Chinese ginger jar.  Blue and white has always been a favorite color scheme, almost rivaling teal and Chinese red.


  1. Bravo your work is extremely pretty and delicate!

  2. Linda it is amazing, if I am not reading that you used napkin, I wouldn't be able to see it, it is so nicely applied!

  3. Linda! How gorgeous this journal spread is!! Lucky you to have "acquired" those napkins! heehee I never come across any real nice ones!! thanks for sharing about your journeys- I live vicariously through you! ")

  4. I love your art...it relaxes me and inspires me. I'm just now at 65 painting and using mixed media. My picture of a bird is the second painting on canvas I have ever done. I plan on doing a mixed media journal for 2015 and see what I come up with. I'm amazed at myself for what I have done in 2014 because of your inspiration. Thanks.