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Monday, February 2, 2015

Mixed Media Mayhem - Words With Friends - DLP 2015

Having prompts for journaling provides inspiration, but I often steer off course into my own interpretation.  Each week I look at several web sites and google groups for a word, a concept, a medium, a technique, or a tool that will give me some parameters for journal pages.

In this journal page to respond to THE DOCUMENTED LIFE PROJECT/ FRIENDS WITH WORDS prompt I thought about words gathered with friends instead of words between friends. To face the blank page with words I dug through my boxes of Chinese newspapers gathered during my teaching stint in Xian.  As I traveled around China with my cohort in adventure, I saved paper of all sorts including some I scraped from walls.  My friend became especially adept at spotting a scrap of treasure from street litter to tissue thin receipts.  I used some of these papers to lay down beginning layers.  To add some color to the page I used my red good luck paper from Spring Holiday/Chinese New Year which I spent in Yunnan province.  This paper is infused with dye which has to be tamed with matte medium to keep it from running all over the place, but it is a deep transparent layer when dry. 

To add more words I turned to my collection of silkscreens.  These too were gathered with the help of friends, especially the teacher, Gwen Gibson.  I attended her workshop in the South of France where I learned to make and use EZ Screens.  At the end of the week each student picked screens to keep.  I chose several with Chinese calligraphy which I used on this paper.  Hence, words with friends.

I had another silkscreen that I made from a old Japanese book given to me by yet another friend. I love this image and I use it over and over again.  Each time I am reminded of my artist friend who has slowed down her creative process as she has become older.

I added more Chinese papers and silkscreened calligraphy to give her a costume.

The image had become a little muddled from the overlayering of Chinese tissue papers and appeared too flat.  I wanted to add more depth and bring out more focus.  I went to my aging collection of polymer clay to create stamped plaques. I used my rubber stamps and authentic chops I had carved to order to add more words.  I fiddled with the placement of the tiles then adhered them to the page with extra strong gel medium.


  1. great story of your collecting papers...beautiful colors .. :)

  2. I love this page Linda! The red/black/gold work so well together and the Chinese lettering is awesome!

  3. lovely story and lovely page love all the techniques will have to try them thanks for sharing

  4. Such a stunning spread; the black/red/gold is so evocative of the Orient, and the screens are a delight.

  5. LInda! I just love to hear how you develop your pages and all the wonderful journeys you have been on. It is so great to see all your memories in your journal pages! I love this interpretation and your work ALWAYS inspires me! I love it :)