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Friday, April 17, 2015

Mixed Media Mayhem - the Documented Life Project - April 4 - Water Under the Bridge

Documented Life Project - April Theme
Color Safari (Exploring Inks and Paints)
April 4
Art Challenge:  Watercolors

Journal Prompt:  It's Water Under the Bridge

The journal prompt for this week was "timely."  I had just finished watching the season finale of "Army of the Red Monkeys" and I was obsessed with the idea of the nature of time.  Does time go by so that the past is water under the bridge or does time have a cycle.  Can you let the past go since everything you are is a composite of what has come before?  Or if you could alter something in the past, would you,  and change your outcome?  Making a simple metaphor complex, I began my entry.

I began with my usual step of coating the pages with gesso and scribbling the prompt to remind me. Thinking of watercolors, I wanted to reserve some white space so I used tape to mask areas.  I splashed liquid watercolors around the page, and when that wasn't intense enough, I sprayed randomly with the Dylusion Inks.  I love the vibrance of these inks, but they are so responsive to liquid that I had to set them, first with Workable Fix, then MatteClearCoat, then matte medium.

After I peeled off the tape strips, I had to find a collection of metaphors about time.  During my internet research, my little dog, Opie, slept on my knee.

I used pencil to write the quotations, scribbled my journal title on the side of the page, and stenciled images of clocks from a Crafter's Workshop stencil.

In my collection of old books, I found an entry by J.C.C. Smart, "The River of Time," that spoke to my pondering on the meaning of "water under the bridge."  I scanned it and colored in Photoshop to go with the warm colors in the background. I think this entry is finished, but I might go back to adhere some 3d clock elements.


  1. Nice post. like your pages. Thanks for the visit. xox

  2. I really liked this page...so vibrant with the cool TIME theme!!!

  3. Great to see some of the steps in your creative process with super final pages!

    1. The. Like to put down the steps to remind me when I'm teaching

  4. Oh, lots of fun making this I think. Thanks for the process details, I always enjoy that.
    Great result, an art of Time.